Hydrogen-Powered Sweeper Keeps Streets Even Cleaner
Stocks Sweepers produces the world's first hydrogen powered road sweeper.
April 12, 2016

Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire:
The streets of Great Britain are set to be even cleaner following the launch of hydrogen-powered dual-fuel road sweepers, which are helping to reduce emissions to an all-time low.

Gloucestershire-based manufacturer Stock Sweepers is fitting autonomous electrolysers to their vehicles, so that councils across the country can meet and exceed their clean air targets.

Managing Director Jeff Stock made the announcement following the launch of the hydrogen-powered system, which not only reduces emissions, but also increases fuel efficiency by approximately 30%.

“We have been working to create a system which is truly groundbreaking.” said Jeff.

“Our sweepers not only have the advanced technology to make our roads cleaner, but now the environment will be cleaner too.”

“This is a world’s first and it’s happening right here in Great Britain.”

The hydrogen-powered system has been produced following seven years of development supported by the European Union and The University of Sheffield.



ROPS Equipped Sweeper Delivered to Mine Site
Dec 2015

In late December 2015 we delivered another new unit to a large mining company.




Hino Sweepers Rolling Off the Production Line
Oct 2015

Sweepvac Australia's first new Hino FG500 sweepers have come off the production line.



They had one on display at the Perth Local Government Expo in August (below).




Glutton® 2411 Zero Emission Near Silent Vacuum Waste and Litter Collector


This three wheel based self propelled vacuum system is used for enhancing street cleaning with its near silent operation without any harm to the paved or brick set pedestrian walkways, pavements and malls.

The Glutton® with its 5” extra light weight carbon pipe, is the only true green and silent solution to rapidly collect various kinds of scattered plastic and paper litter, plant waste, grit, dust, sand, glass and many other materials.

With the 6 km/h rapid and 3 km/h walking phase settings, a standard 240 litre wheelie bin, 10h operation cycle and the 795mm overall width; this machine is designed for ease of operation and manoeuvrability with staff safety in mind.

Not having complex moving parts to minimize maintenance, an approximate cost of $1.00 per charge cycle and the clean fan design that removes replacement of impellers results in a machine that is extremely cost effective to operate.

Join the growing number of  local councils and services providers across  Australia and New Zealand that have introduced the environmentally friendly Glutton®, these include;

- Brisbane City Council

- Parramatta City Council

- Queensland University St. Lucia Campus

- Sutherland Shire Council

- City of Sydney

- Queensland University Herston Campus

- City of Ryde Council

- Lismore City Council

- University of Western Australia

- Bankstown City Council

- Gold Coast City Council

- Manly Council

- Fraser Coast Regional Council

- City of Whitehorse

- Auckland City Council

- Taupo City Council

- Rotorua City Council

- Spotless Services



Prince Edward's Royal Visit

On the 24th of April 2014, The Forest of Dean received a visit from Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and it will be one that everyone at Stocks Sweepers will remember.

It was a great honour to have the Earl of Wessex drive our latest S6400 road sweeper, he even operated the sweep gear! After jumping out of the road sweeper, Prince Edward's first words were "It still appears to be in one piece", to which our Director Jeff agreed as he handed him a certificate for passing First Stage Driver Training.

It truly was a great day, and an honour to have the Earl of Wessex drive our S6400 road sweeper. Stocks Sweepers would like to thank everyone involved in making the day such a success.


Please see below for a gallery of images from the day.